Ready To Go Traffic Sites Terms

Account Terms

By registering for an account you click a link to confirm that you have read and understand the terms stated here and that you agree to abide by them. Failure to do so will result in account deletion and loss of any free or paid services.

We reserve the right to remove any account and provided services if we feel the account holder has acted in any way that we deem detrimental to the site.

By joining Ready To Go Traffic Sites you agree to receive offers and emails from us and if you wish to discontinue communication it is your responsibility to remove your account.

Buying A Site Or Having A Site Built Terms

When purchasing a ready-made site or a new full site build you are agreeing to a contract of sale to follow the terms and conditions included herein. Failure to abide by terms and conditions could result in loss of services provided by us.

Upon purchasing a site the site ownership transfers to you. You then become liable for the site in every way and not limited to its running and moral standing.

Any members joining your site do so under your agreed terms with them and this has nothing to do with Ready To Go Traffic Sites.

We are not liable for any owners actions after they purchase a site from us.

When purchasing the site you are buying licenses to use the sites theme and programming makeup. You do not own the theme copyright and therefore you are not allowed to reuse that for the purpose of another site creation or to benefit any site other than the site purchased from us.

We reserve the right to remove all links to the site purchased from Ready To Go Traffic Sites if we feel you are not running the site in a credible and ethical way. All linking from us to the site will be removed and you agree upon request to remove any link to us from the said site if requested to within 7 working days.

When the site is purchased you buy it as seen in a fully working order as deemed fully working by ourselves, we are not able to take responsibility to a site once you have access to it as we are unable to conclude if any intervention by yourself resulted in any said issues.

Upon purchasing a site you are required to provide us with a full address and real name identity no aliases allowed.

All payments for a website or connected services to a purchase of a website are final. There is a no refund policy from the moment of purchase, as once the site is owned by someone it can not be returned as brand new and un-owned. Anyone breaking this policy will/may be banned from this and all other associated sites by Steve or other owners that work with him not excluding launch partners in any site in question. If a banning occurs all paid membership access and account holdings including commissions and credits at any site will be forfeited by the person being banned.

The site buyer will make all payments relating to the site to Ready To Go Traffic Sites as agreed upon time scales when purchase agreed and failure to make complete any payments due will constitute a incomplete sale meaning the site ownership is not transferred to the site buyer and remains property of Ready To Go Traffic Sites regardless of where licenses, the site itself or the domain name currently reside.

Domain names and script license purchasing are the responsibility of yourselves except when we own the domain name on a ready-made site. Those domains owned by us are subject to a non movement period so any site purchase may have to wait up to 90 days for the domain to be transfered. The site will remain fully active during that time and it will not affect the site or running of the business at all.

We are unable to guarantee earnings from any site built by use. We are providing you with a working site and it then becomes your job to promote it and keep others promoting.

I reserve the right to remove any site that is built via these services from this website and all listings and linkings for any reason and at any time in the future not limited to the fact of the site being changed by yourself and operating in a way that I feel may not be good for my business to be associated with it. Any listing of your site inside this site is not part of the sale purchase, It is a service I choose to provide whenever I see fit for the duration I see fit to enable me to build a portfolio of built sites.

For full site builds and big projects you are required to agree to a project with us and a price then book a slot for the start of the build from available slots in our Availability Diary found inside the member's area. Upon booking a start date you are agreeing to make full payment for the project before that date so that we can start the site build on time.

We are unable to start a site build until full payment has been made unless specifically agreed before the time of booking. Failure to make full payment by the start date booked will result in the loss of the booking slot and a charge of $100 cancellation fee will be payable before any project or work can be completed in the future.

Owners that purchase a site from us are able to add their own extras and change things themselves but are not allowed to copy other peoples work and use it on the site. This reflects bad on us and looks like we have created a site with copied material. Please also note in most instances copying other sites work is considered illegal by international copyright laws.

Payments For Other Work & Projects

You can make payments in advance to fund your account for the payment of work and projects carried out using the "Pay for other work' menu option. This will add money to your website development account balance. You can then make payments in advance towards that balance.

From time to time and especially for short little jobs we will quote you a price and complete a job and add the amount as a minus in your account balance. You can then make payment for that using the pay for other work menu option to clear the balance.

Please note: Any accounts in a negative balance for more than 30 days will incur a fee of $15. In addition, $15 will be added to the account minus balance for every 30 days that the account remains in a minus state.

Buying Mods/Plugins & Services Terms

Mods/Plugins & Services purchased are for the Licensed site use only.

Mods/Plugins & Services must not be duplicated or copied or moved on to any other site other than the ones installed on.

Mods/Plugins & Services are not allowed to be re-sold or distributed in any way.

Mods/Plugins & Services purchased are made to work on the site during installation. We do not offer any guarantee that they will work if changes are made to them or the site that effect the mods operation. This includes but is not limited to script updates that stop/change/impact the functionality of the mod.

If we update a Mod/Plugin we can update the Mod/Plugin to the latest version for you for a small $15 charge.

No refunds are available for Mod/Plugins & Services that have been installed or added to your site.

Any discount offered for multiple installs can only be used on sites owned by the same person/business.

Upon selling a site with one of my developed mods installed you must make the new owner aware of these terms and conditions and that by having the mod in the site they are subject to these terms. If they do not wish to agree you must contact us to remove the mod. They must also be made aware that they must communicate this with and future buyers also for the duration of the mod being in the site.

Recommend Us

We reward members with Ready Bucks when you recommend others and they purchase services or products from us. Ready Bucks can be used to purchase mods or services from this site as a thank you for promoting but outside of this site they have no cash value and cannot be sold or exchanged for cash.

We have no affiliate program and do not pay any cash commissions of any sort. There is no way to earn money here by recommending our services.

No change of account introducer is available here. When a person joins they join from the last visited recommend us link (unless otherwise effected by browser settings etc). We cannot be held responsible for lost advertising rewards or Ready Bucks because a member joined from someone else's recommend us link because of any over ride settings a persons browser may have enabled.

Any bonuses/rewards given for introducing others (Ready Bucks) is automatically added when actions are taken by those you introduce. Rewards are added to your account automatically and should be considered a bonus and not a right, we are unable to adjust these rewards at any time should any error occur.

General Terms

We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

You may only register for one account here with us.

We reserve the right to delete any account that has not been logged into for 365 days.

We can not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to anyones business or day to day dealings because of any way that the purchased or launched site owner acts. We are only responsible for sale of the site and notification of any launches. Your agreement with the site for the sites provisions is entirely held with the site owner.

Accounts require an active email address, unsubscribing from admin emails will result in the account going into delete mode. Unsubscribed accounts are removed 14 days after unsubscribing. Deletion is a non reversible process and all account details including any credits/commissions/points etc will be lost. You are able to re-subscribe and set your account back to active within the 14 day deletion mode period by logging in and visiting the profile page and then ticking the subscribed box. You will need to click the confirmation link in the email again when resubscribing.

Ready To Go Traffic Sites is copyright No part of the site is to be copied or used in any way without written consent from Steve Ayling. This includes but is not limited to the use of graphics, website appearance, text, coding, affiliate tools or any programming including the site theme and other internal and external set up elements.


Please read the Ready To Go Traffic Sites Privacy Policy which can be found by clicking here.